peter coyle fractal


i am a workaholic who works for nothing

the planet earth is a beautiful place 

but for some insane laughable beckett like reason

human beings mess everything up

and guess what 

when they have messed this planet up

they want to go to another one

it seems that human beings are so bent on their own ego and power that they need to hurt animals, children and women

it seems that men or at least predominantly men just love wrapping themselves up in violence and unleashing hell on all those around them

it is a heartbreaking ride on planet earth

but there is so much love and joy to experience if you are prepared to look deeper

the most beautiful thing in the world for me is to laugh whole heartedly at the absurdity of it all

in the end nothing matters

just try to remember this 

everyone lies

and everyone dies

what is important that in between 

you are kind and that you learn how to love all beings

and just so as we are clear

that means women children and animals

there are so many layers to life and they all revolve around love




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