peter coyle fractal


peter coyle works on is music...not a shallow celebrity
vortex...the dna of the mainstream swells with glamour and clamour...peter coyle just wants to sing scream and whisper in your ear...peter coyle's music is a beautiful secret...he wants the world to wake up...imagine there's no isn't hard to do...nothing to kill or die for...his next step is peter coyle hijacked...a new single called Gun from a forthcoming new album...a project with Yorkie from Moongoose/Space...Gun is a personal song...that says
innocent children need never die in a school playground may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one...Gun is a new single out now and released on the raw edges of passion is available for download on iTunes and other digital retailers...we are not all the same...some of us don't want Guns killing innocent you feel the same?

This video was filmed edited and directed by Yann Grill
The music was produced by Yorkie for Moongoose Productions

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