peter coyle fractal


watched top of the pops yesterday while waiting to eat a wonderful christmas dinner i don't like to be negative so i won't comment on some of the artists and the programme but what i would like to say is that it warmed the deepest parts of my heart when the number one came up it was one of the best moments of 2009 seeing rage against the machine at number one showing the people of the UK that people care about music the kind of music that comes from the heart there is nothing wrong intrinsically with all these simon cowell inspired competitions they are very successful as so many people watch them and buy the records not my cup of tea but each to their own so it meant so much to me that people went out of their way and put their hands in their pockets to send out a very clear message to the music business people are not stupid they like and love music they have been brought up on music that is a creative expression a need to share and communicate in a real and meaningful way music is not milk my heart leapt with joy and for once got some much needed faith in human beings and the world of music i would just like to finish by saying that all the musicians and creative people who keep plugging away in complete isolation and totally without any support whatsoever you are an inspiration to us all the world needs your creativity more than ever keep believing and hopefully all your dreams will come true love and light peter xxx
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