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even though you've cast me aside, I tell myself that I need no nothing more that yours the spirit that soared This song makes me feel alive, thanks Peter x
I have been having the usual trawl through youtube for 80's songs and always return to same 2 melodic masterpieces of "the first picture of you" and China Crisis - Best Kept secret. We all need to bring "the first picture" back into the charts, i played journey for years on gigs as early evening gigs as well as Amarillo until someone put a stupid dance to it, Peter we are going to chamion the cause to get this song in front of the young who listen to soul less drivvel! Stay safe and in good health x
fantasic liverpool night any plans to do it again.
Hi Peter, sorry to hear about your trips to hospital, hope the new year will be a healthy one for you :) Really looking forward to the new Lotus Eaters album, I listen to the Differance recordings and Meltdown For The Mindless all the time, they put me in such a good mindspace! Stay well and Happy New Year x
salut peter, j'ame toujours autant ta musique. j'espére avoir de tes nouvelles très bientôt.
I want to talk with you :)
Hi there! Nice site! Thank you!
Every time we get really plastered we go through you-tube and play songs of old and always end up reminiscing about sitting in your kitchen (the same one in "Reach for the sun") and Deborah gets all emotional We're home in August for 3 weeks in between moving from the USA to Bahrain (job move) If you're free we've love to hook-up call us always in our thoughts (more so when we're drunk - but there all the same) Andrew & Deb (Matt too with the latest addition.... Ben - likes the music but not yet met the man!!!!)
Peter, thanks for your site. A french fan since "No sense of sin". It was at time the must music...
Peter, thanks for our site. A french fan since "No sense of sin". It was at time the must music...
Wylie:The goalie is not mad< eccentric mabey, dashingly handsome certainly, tall and well endowned inevitably, beautiful as a sunlit night kissing the skin of an errant butterfly, hang on, no, mad, you were right.
I think you need some spam protection for your guestbook, find me on Facebook if you want a hand with it :D Good luck with the music dudes I was always a fan xx
I have loved the Lotus Eaters from the beginning. I absolutely am fascinated by "It Hurts" and it's haunting black and white sub-theme within the video. I'd love to travel to England to see this unique band this summer.
hiya, just came across your video of "first picture of you" on you tube - is it really 25 years? What a great tune. Thanks for making my day. shanu
Hi Peter, Bought my ticket to see you in July can't wait!
seen once again that catchy hit on youtube first picture of you!!!! brilliant!! great songs from the 80s Lori
Hello Peter, Remember going to several dates on your headline tour (1984?) Always thought the manager must have failed miserably at Geography. I mean Leeds, Glasgow followed by Sheffield..bizarre! Anyway, met you and the rest of the band several times and what joyous times they were. Even remember having a mutual cardigan appreciation moment with you at Bath Moles or some such other hole. Your voice still inspires poetry in me. Keep it up la, Wayney
How I would love to hear your songs.....I first saw you (in your video "the First Picture of You") way back when I was in my teens...truly you have one of those people who have that powerful voice---I just love everything about you--voice and songs.....goodluck and more power...
love the Lotus Eaters....I remember you from de la salle as i went out with Des Flannagan (for a while) and we end up at the same parties etc.(i was friends with a rather large lady called Clare).
thinks your amazing
Hello, mp3hugger here. We spoke about 2 years ago about 'First Picture..'. Hope all is well with yourself! All the best, kevin
some great spam on here Pete! that African one sounds promising.... hope you're well
First Picture Of You were one of the flowers screaming with joy I beleive.
Just listening to the first picture of you and you're rendition of "here comes a raincloud" for China crisis...class stuff
Good to hear your voice again. I have always like the style, if you are in Denver giz a call,
Dude I admire your sentiment and attitude as an ex UK singer songwriter now in the states.. the industry sux big style keep making that music.
Bonjour, Just a Hello from Paris. Cordialement. Didier
I love american beauty
Bravi, ottimo sito, ci ripasserò.
Good to see your out there Pete, just trying to get my kids to listen to real music so had to see if you were about. I remember you in Liverpool and you did come to london with a gang of trannies and come down the club 'Trade' (I was leggin about trying to get everyone in) from what I recall we all had a ball! Maxine
Hi pete You might remember me; I was a teacher at Liverpool Community College (Riversdale) some years back and you were working with the Basic Skills students. (You were a lovely placid influence there). I now work as a learning mentor in a school here - but, as ever, will be moving on soon. Glad to hear you are still making music - and will be listening out for any new stuff. Take care & wishing you artistic fulfillment in all your endeavours, Tracy x
alright coyley might not remember me..used to dj a bit in the 80's/90's with me mate billy...just checking out yer site and seeing how yer doing and all that...keep up the good work mate your stuff is still light years ahead of the dross thats out there now..take care bud xx
Peter it's great that you are still doin your stuff. Fan from early dayz when I used 2 send you and Jerry sweets in the post arghh! and you sent letter from Hope Street way back when! best wishes for some great music.
I have just heard First Picture of you on the radio and I smiled as I remember when it was first released. I so had a crush on you in those days. Glad to see you are still doing well, I didn't know you that well but you might remember my brother Dave Bridson.
i can do cdr copies of any unavailable peter Coyle releases, all money goes directly to Peter to help finance any future releases. email me at
Hi Pete, Hope you remember us from Connect. Good luck with your new album and hope your well. We would would like to request a song though, about american tan tights! Take care.
Hello peter, I hope that you are well after all these years. Good luck with the new album. Love from Eileen. XXX
Well Peter i@ve just discoved ur God given gift to the world. Need to buy as many tunes as i find. God bless, love, John from the 'pool' BE ENCOURAGED
Nice Thank you site cool Thank you
You were here in the Philippines a few years back.The Lotus eaters influence a lot of bands here that are noe very successful artists.I hope you guys come back here because you guys are legendary.
this song fills me with what might have been, i was a bundle of life, optimistically extreme, unbroken, unshaken, the world was so good, first pictures of you,music supreme . Pete, this song is so special, memeories flood back everytime i here it best wishes ste mc
Haven't heard back from you on my last few emails. Hope they are getting through. Would love to hear from you and any news you might have regarding new music.
Just purchased your new album, love the new sound. Hope you can visit the Philippines to promote it soon.
I still love your voice, the songs, and I totally agree with your comments. (I still shed a tear after so many years because they are so beautiful). I wish you the best. Andrew
Peter, not sure if u r monitoring this site but just wanted to send a note and my regards. I met u during a visit to Tokyo with Anne-Marie and we persuaded u to jam with Nick & Gaetz. Almost 20 years ago, now. Glad to see that u r still making music. Nick is too in Byron Bay with a new band called slot machine. Plse give me a shout if u ever revisit Tokyo.
Never mind the music comebacks, lets get the team of Ents Football Club back and win every week! John and Mick Head could do with the exercise. I miss scoring half the goals...PS Where's Sean and Wylie the mad goalie??
bello ricordare quei giorni a firenze,sarebbe strano e meraviglioso poterci risentire 20anni dopo...ti pensiamo con affettoxxxx
belated happy bday x hope you are happy and still making music xxxx
il suono dei lotus eaters è dolce e rassicurante come il sorriso di peter coyle in You don't need someone. Grazie Peter. Con tutto il bene del mondo.
lotus eaters- sogs still sound as fresh as ever..paleys reform, edwyn recovers and makes music again, lets have a proper 80s reunion- thank you for the memories
Salut Peter, Comment va? bien j'espère ainsi que pour la formation. Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année et à bientôt Bises
Hi, i was wondering if you can help me sounds really daft this right but ive read a bit on ya pages about the madison nightclub in middlesbrough, im trying to put a good dance track list that used to get played there. ie chaka kahn aint no body, its for a christmas prestant for me mam long story but wondered if you could help with it mate looking for around 14 15 good tracks from the maddison days. Thanks
my mom will come here an sign guest book
Will this site be updated with any 2k7 news? I'm after gigs - heck - I'm also after the lyrics for the wondrous SilentSpace album ;o)
I have been Lotus Eater fan since the early 80's...and I still have "The First Picture Of You & You Don't Need Someone New" in my current iPod. Glad to see your video clips in Youtube. All the best to you Pete.
Hello, I just bookmarked your site and will be back regulalry to keep on top of it. ... free spy cam interesting: other .Good luck!
Hi Peter hope all is well hugs Steve
You really need to update the site babe!!!
Downloading 'mindless' while fairly mindless to 'going for the one' - ain't life great!
Hi Peter! I very much want to buy an album 1984 " No Sense Of Sin " but I can not find his(its) format of CD anywhere.
first pic,someone new,it hurts.all 3 like a knife in the heart every time i hear them.absolutely loved them all.still do 20 odd years later.thank god for liverpool bands in the eighties.eighties would have been s**T otherwise.
Nice to see you're dtill following your dreams and beliefs It's been a while since we had a coffee together! Lost touch when we moved to Central America but came across one of your tunes on YouTube on one of our drunken 80's night sessions, and well, couldn't resist dropping you a line take care, be well, all the best Andrew and Deb
came across you through the lotus eaters, your home page says everything we believe, im glad others think the same Buzz
These days I heard first time ever album No sense of sin,when I read in Mojo about your One Hit Wonder.It's brilliant,spirit somewhere between Scottish China Crisis and Norwegian Fra Lippo Lippi..
Just have to thank you for "the first picture if you" I know you have written lots more but this has to be the best feel good song of all time. My kids love it and ask me to play it when Im driving. Anyway keep doing what your doing and don't forget your songs are still having an effect on people. God bless
Ciao Peter!!! Really a big surprise to found this site. My congratulations!! In the 80's I was a big fan of Lotus Eaters and bought your vinils, especially the extended-versions of many singles, such as "The first picture of you" or "You don't need someone new". I remember those videos and sometimes saw them again on MTV special 80's. They're so beautiful.I couldn't imagine all the things you did during these years, I will buy all of your new cds and hope to see you live someday here in Italy or better still in San Marino!! Love you, Ciaooooo!!! :-) :-)
hi ,..john from the band courtesan thanks 4 the message on myspace peter,... i will buy the new album asap,.. thanks 4 not giveing up on the music,.. cheers john
always been a fan,can you still get any lotus eaters albums.good to know you are making music still
Hi Peter, just found your site after listening to 'Last Picture of You' again, through all of my depression it is one of the songs that really give me a lift and you are right music can do for you what drugs will never do. Strangly I to found some inner peace by moving to France, must be the tranquility. Love to you my friend, just keep on keeping on. best regards Dave
Hi Peter! I love Ricochet! Can´t wait for the new album. Greetings from Halmstad, Sweden. You have many fans (friends) here.
Dear Peter, I can't tell you how delighted I am to have heard your song again, The "First Picture of You". That song is just so special, and that song definitely stood out in front from a lot of the music in the 80's. I feel people get nostalgic about a certain time in their life; even if the music wasn't really that good in hindsight. However, it is not that way in your case. Over twenty years after first hearing the song, it still sounds fresh. I now live in Anchorage, Alaska, but watching your very innocent video on You Tube brings me back to a time in my life when things were so much simpler. Thank you for your gift... With warmest regards. Tina Marie
my english not is perfect but i hope that you understand Hi Peter, I´m from mexico city and i´d like it get the lyric´s "it hurts (there must be taste of murder in it)", because the song is wonderful. I hope your answer. thank you
I know that some people have been looking for the guitar chords to "The First Picture of You" (and I'm one of them). I had a bash at it last night and reckon you can't go far wrong with: Verse A6 and D6 then E and D6 Chorus A, E and D It's probably not in the right key if you want to play along with the track but it suited me. It is a great song and everyone loves it when they are reminded of it or hear it for the first time.
My darling daughter who is 15 years old was playing your The first picture of & video on you tube..I could not believe my ears and eyes. She told me that she remembers me singing this song to her when she was 6 and I was singing the song on Saturday Morning....I did a search of your name Peter and found this site....thank you for your amazing songs. ~_~ xxx and your looking great.
Stubbled across your site via remember the 80's. Well i do thats why am here. Great to see you still writing, carnt wait to get you new album.So much talent you should be in everyones ears dude!! Respect. Mart
un peu de français........ tout est en anglais et j'ai un peu de mal à tout comprendre mais la musique est bonne. Dernier concert février 2005, à quand le prochain dans la région bien sûr. Bon week-end
It always makes me swallow hard. The endless summer nights and the gulps of ozone as we break from a long kiss. The anticipation of the next day. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Keep touching hearts and filling minds. Your music transports me. Cheers
Big thnx. So interesting. I wish you prosperity Best wishes. Lisa.
Merry Christmas Peter, hope you’re having a good one! Isn’t it funny how some songs are so emotive they can completely transport you back to a particular time, place or person, music has a way of making you remember.
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Hi Pete, listened to No Sense of Sin just lately still sounded as fresh & emotive as it did twenty odd years ago.Me & the wife seen you at madison night club Middlesbrough in 84 good to see your still going strong.Good luck & Merry Christmas.
First picture- my favourits track of all time.Saw you supporting the Christians a couple of years ago when you sang it and rekindled my love for the song. thanks....up the blues..
Caught your chat with Janice Long on the radio yesterday, great to hear you're still writing and recording and the songs she played were pretty good, be great to see them live.
Music is not a weapon designed to humiliate, degrade and exclude people. Music is the heart and soul of our emotional lives. Music brings us together regardless of our all too apparent differences. PETER COYLE - THANK YOU !!! alessandro, Rome, Italy
Hi Pete, just heard 'first picture' on pub jukebox, set the extremely addled brain cells working so hit the net just to say hello.
Hello dear Peter! It is pleasant to me singl The First Picture Of You and I very much wish buy your album 1984 No Sense Of Sin . I can to send money for a disk of CD on your address and for transfer .If you will be not not complicated by I shall be grateful. I collect pop, soul, R & B from 70's - 80's or with 1978 till 1987 good voices and musical execution(performance). My best wishes to you. Anatoly . Murmansk .Russia .
Hi Pete Good to see you've got to a place you are happy with. I always expected you to make it mainstream though. Was that really Bro Alban writing in the guest book - nah!!? Bit strange that entry from Halmstad, Sweden - thats where I live now .......anyway, all the best Al Barker (Wessie Rd and De La Salle)
Bonjour Peter, Souvenir d'un concert en France à Besançon, moment extraordinnaire, soirée inoubliable, merci pour ce merveilleux album "No sense of sin", merci aux LOTUS EATERS !!!!!! Amicalement michel
I was fortunate enough to see what must have been Peter's first gig. Miles ahead of his time and judging by what I have just heard still a frontrunner.
Peter, good to see you still doing your thing. I miss bumping in to you in Liverpool. Fitzy, Ando and Clinny say hello and I have a scary neighbour... Frank Slater. (He's been living behind my house for years!) Do you have a contact number/email for the Downey Bird?
Jean Patou Joy perfume
Hi Pete, I ,aswell as Mick (Pluto) was 1 of your DJ's @ club x...Long time m8 I remember the night you where gonna start @ nation until a mishap with an ice pop!!!!anyway Barton & co then got in and the rest , as they say is history...Anyway good 2 c u doin well m8 ...thx 4 the memories....
I'm 19 and its 1983 again whenever ihear first picture of you.still got it and you dont need someone new on 12 inch. great songs. cheers
Hiya Peter, I will always think of you fondly. Hope you get on the gig circuit one day..soon. All my love.
Whenever I hear "First Picture of You", I am transported to somewhere very nice. Thank you.
Peter I adore you. Fab
Hi, have tried in vain to acquire the remastered 'No Sense of Sin' on CD & think it's impossible. How depressing! Is 'Meltdown for the Mindless' easily available to buy? Have just bought 'Silent Space', which I absolutely adore! Best Wishes, Simon in Manchester
Hi Peter Glad to here you are releasing a new album, hope all is well . Jane told me of this site I have purchased an album , as they sound great .Good Luck Chris
Hello, I remember a long time ago in Liverpool I met PC in the street and congratulated him on his record Jean's Not Happening (actually by another Liverpool band called The Pale Fountains and now Shack). Peter was very nice about it and saw the funny side. Great music, great webistie. Peace out, Ed
Anyone know where I could find chords or guitar tab for The First Picture of You? Thanks
hi peter well 20 years ago i bought the lotus eaters first album and loved it,20 years later ive dicovered you again and youre even better,thanks,hope you play live again one day best wishes colin sheffield
So glad I was able to secure the original CDs of The Lotus Eaters' "No Sense of Sin" and the The Lotus Eaters' "First Picture of You- BBC sessions". I purchased both CDs in NYC. I miss your music!!! For all fans of Peter and The Lotus Eaters, enjoy the rework of the timeless anthem "The First Picture of You".
Peter - I placed my order today for the special limited edition CD for Meltdown for the Mindless. It really is the product of a master working at the top of his game. Hopefully everyone who stops by this site will head over to and place their order to get one of the first Limited Editions. Play on!
I remember a night in Milan, many years ago, me and a bunch of fans seeing you live with Lotus eaters. I loved so much that album and always asked for more that didn't arrive. Glad for your music now.
Hi there Peter!! Me and wife Karen were talking about you the other day, here in Melbourne now, in the depths of winter. Listening to bbc 6 music just now, and first picture of you comes on. Lots of lovely memories of living in the flat above you. Agree about the music industry, you beautiful soul. Come to Aus soon, my friend!!!
"Remember one honest humble musician is worth ten A & R men and women." You should have gone the whole hog and put 1=20. It's a good job that most of the people who read it wont know about our history ;p
Hey Peter, how's life in the U.K....Nice videos on, saw some classic Lotus Eaters videos. Keep the music coming!
hi peter , it's teng again,, i really miss listening to the song "out on your own"..i lost all my vinyls. missed it so much.. i saw your show in manila
still your music is heaven to us
Hi Pete and Sue, Im Angele's brother we met in France last week,i just had a look at your site its quite interesting and i really liked SHE WAITS TO BREATHE you should release it as a single.Anyway i wish you all the best in your musical quest and hope we meet again.
hey peter, i love your music especially the song phoenix...reminds me of my dear friend who passed away years ago...thanks for sharing.
hi peter pls give me your album silent space thanks....pls and im waver of the 15 years old and stay a underground music.....
hi peter
For those lyrics thirsty:
Joyeux anniversaire Peter! J'espere que tout va bien. Would love to hear from you when you get the chance.
Peter, it's been a while! Hope life is treating you well, I've just got broadband so have now listened to 'Meltdown...' in all its glory and it sounds excellent, with some thought provoking lyrics, which is good!
"No Sense of Sin" still visits my turntable on a regular basis.
hiya pete hope you are well skinnie
Hello, my friend. Let's talk soon about the future. I hope all is well in France. Call me and e-mail me. It's been a while since we spoke. Reach for the sun.
Hello Peter Love the song "all quite" , hope all is well :)
I've found perfect tabs but i have'nt lyrics
Hi peter Im sure you remember a good friend of mine from your early music days , gary abbott? from winsford in cheshire. gary ,im sure would like to contact you sometime. Paul
HI all! I need the lyric "It hurts" by The Lotus Eaters. It's quite impossible to find it in the web. Could anyone help me? Thanks
hi again peter from sunny devon i am home from ibiza after trawling the clubs with my mash of you dont need someone new cd with the dj's better known as judge jules at eden .on leaving the iskand i duly keft the copy in their box of tricks for a hopeful listen they will be playing it on radio 1 to the delight of everyone
I'm from Mexico City and you were popular then with "It Hurts" (mid-eighties). Amazing song that I still listen. Congratulations for your return. Guys like you is what nowadays the music industry (and us), need so much. Where can I get the lyrics form "It Hurts"? Thanks!
hello there peter. can I get a copy of the guitar chords and lyrics of the Can Your Kisses Fly record? thanks! I loved the show in Manila.
Thank you for your talent. Hope I'll hear about you soon. Nick
hope u r well and makin waves. do u still see ray? catch up ..shirl and the girls.
Same name, different person and background. Just come across this site by chance. Really impressed. Curious enough to go and buy this CD. I vaguely but fondly recall The First Picture of You by The Lotus Eaters...I was a teenager...I recall being much slimmer and full of testosterone then!
Please reform The Lotus Eaters! The First Picture Of You - one of the best singles ever!!
No sense of sin is definitely the best LP that I've ever heard... Take care
Dear Peter, Congratulations on this compilation CD...hope all is well and speak soon... Best, Giselle G. Roque Contributing Writer Pulp Magazine
Awesome site
hi pete summers nearly over again and the hits were flowing in ibiza .i did a naughty ckub mix of "you dont need someone new" and it went down a storm at eden with judge jules and paul van dyk. they asked me for a copy but i declined due to only having the 1 myself .all royalties will duly be sent on to you ....................
Dear Peter, Been quite a while since I saw you and Jem in the Philippines during your 'silentspace' promo gig there in my country. Will there be another The Lotus Eaters album in the making? Regards to Jem. ' haven't been communicating with him for a while. "American Beauty" is great! It sounds very distinctively you.
Hi! I just received the This is not retro This is the eighties up to date. "American Beauty" is just GREAT!!! I have been a fan of the Lotus Eaters since 1983. I loved the "Silentspace" album. Can´t wait for Your new CD. All the BEST from Sweden!!! Hi there Peter, So happy you're back! Hope you are all enjoying France(!) and reaching for the sun. Much love, Sophie & Michael
get in touch peter. Sorry its taken so long to get back in touch. would love to see you play when you are next in the vicinity. Hope you and yours are well and happy, as are me and mine. love Sam
Peter, Nice to see the site back up, it is late here in Texas, and had do run through all the music, as usual FANTASTIC! Keep up the work, and look forward to more, including as well LE. My hats off to you!
Lotus Eaters, Wild Swans, Care, China Crisis, Pale Fountains...Those were the good old days. Wish I can go back to the 80's and see you guys live with all those other great bands. Keep making great music!
It's so nice to find this place again, it really is ... Listening to the Lotus Eaters and Peter Coyle is, 'Everyone Knows', incredibly rewarding ...
hi Pete good to see the site back up how are things in France? (nicely settled i hope) drop me a line when you get a chance. much love
Still a big LE fan, after all these years; loved your solo cd and the collaboration with Jem Kelly. Keep it going.
hi peter its ben a few years since the hub cafe in liverpool when i saw you and jem.hope ur well summers on its way meybe time for a re release of an 83 classic tune by you
Hi Peter, hope you and your family are all well and happy. Hopefully will meet up with you again soon. Sing out!
i will never leave this site
making good records must be like making good cocktails once u have made one it is inevitable that a few more will follow! P.S u must put photos in ur photo section !!(25 years or so in the music industry must surely have yielded some interesting moments)