peter coyle fractal


remember the eighties
a great site set up by a friend to music
colin wilson
one of my favourite writers a brilliant author who has had a massive influence over the way i think about things and has helped me enormously by his writing i feel less alone knowing that the genius of colin wilson is on the planet
this lovely site designed by Andy Stevenson with some of my words is the g-metrix site. Our album Kiss the vision is to be used on a DVD.
sells great t-shirts
this is my friend's site he is a big liverpool fan so he is very happy but besides that he makes great t-shirts that look good and would make great presents take a look for yourselves and speak to Billy about buying some t-shirts
Breaking the rules of conventional documentary, H2ocean supply spectacular underwater scenes and incredible music fused together to give an experience like no other.
lotus eater's gigs in Manila
just a few pictures of the gigs from Manila
lotus eaters website
a site done by our italian friend Fabio
nick drake
there is something special about Nick Drake it's as simple as that
billy mackenzie
beyond the sun and most of billy's stuff is brilliant
Ronnie Stone - Producer
an article about Ronnie Stone who has helped me so much to make the music i want to make
John Peel site
a wonderful man who lived sharing music with everyone
good reviews
a really nice site by someone who obviously loves music - a great place to find out about more music. The site has lots of informative and well written reviews.
soul of sound
just some of the music that Peter Paddock is making. Peter and i collaborated on the meltdown for the mindless album
Martin Stephenson
a wonderful man, a fantastic guitarist, a great songwriter and a new album on the way
bird guides
there is something so beautiful about birds that i cannot put words to how i feel when i see them
calm operates in manchester, merseyside, cumbria, and bedfordshire. Calm is about tackling depression amongst young men