happy christmas 2015

words and music - peter coyle
instrumental of real love mixed and produced by Phil Wake at Wake the Dead! Studios

loneliness is like being at the end of the world
it is difficult 
it hurts sometimes
but sometimes it is beautiful
because you are far away
far from the lies
nowhere near the players
nowhere near the prayers of those who wear masks
a million different masks in their drive to succeed
some of us have always been alone
it is just the way it is
but the blue sun sky is always there to warm you
and there is so much beauty 
to be unlocked 
in the silence
lots of us are spider-webs
of hurt and pain
and we hide behind all the illusions in front of us
i hide my loneliness by working too much
sometimes it is hard to say that you are lonely
i can see you sitting there 
in your room 
the weakness in all the connections 
fragile thoughts 
worn out feelings
alone and isolated 
not really understanding 
we are just at the edge of the world
we are far away 
far away from everything
at least here 
in this loneliness 
there is some coherence
the solitude is real
you can touch 
the isolation in your fingers
it is just the way it is
at the edge of the world
there is beauty in everything




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