New Compilation Album - This is not Retro - The 80's up to date

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6th June 2005 Bursting the eighties-nostalgia bubble! The hugely successful website - dedicated to reporting on the ongoing careers of the artists who shaped the eighties - has launched its own record label, THIS IS NOT RETRO. The label will echo the aims of the website and specialise in releasing NEW material from the bands and artists who helped define the eighties-era. The first album release, entitled 'This Is Not Retro - The 80s Up To Date', is a nineteen-track compilation of new and recent material - including SEVEN tracks commercially available for the first time - from nineteen of the eighties’ most enduring acts, and will be released on 4th July 2005. As a special thank you to visitors to THIS IS NOT RETRO will be producing a limited edition of the album which will feature uniquely personalised album artwork for anyone pre-ordering a copy of the CD. Personalised copies will be available for pre-order for a 2 week period from 15th June 2005 - full details will be on the website at 'This Is Not Retro - The Eighties Up To Date' - released on 4th July 2005 PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION, PICTURES, INTERVIEWS OR REVIEW COPIES - contact details below TRACKLISTING HOWARD JONES - Revolution Of The Heart KAJAGOOGOO - Tears* PETER COX (Go West) - Broken KATRINA LESKANICH (Katrina & The Waves) - Scar THE ALARM - Close PETER COYLE (The Lotus Eaters) - American Beauty* T’PAU - Let It All Fall SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK - Pussywhipper* NEVILLE STAPLE (The Specials) - Why So Rude MIDGE URE (Ultravox) - What Would You Do (Skin)? SPEAR OF DESTINY - Age Of Unreason* NIK KERSHAW - Die Laughing TOYAH - Little Tears Of Love DR ROBERT (The Blow Monkeys) - Sleepsong* HEAVEN 17 - This Is Not My World* GO WEST - All Day All Night TONY HADLEY (Spandau Ballet) - So Lonely LEEE JOHN (Imagination) - Blue Was Never My Colour* MODERN ROMANCE - Ma Chica Latina* * commercially available for the first time FORMAT Limited Edition CD - limited to 1000 copies, presented in DVD-style packaging with 24-page booklet and featuring personalised covers for preordered copies. Only available via (TINR1) Standard CD - subsequent copies will be packaged in a standard jewel-case with sixteen-page booklet initially available via (TINR1.2) BACKGROUND Since it’s creation in 2002, the highly successful web site and information service, has become THE leading authority on the current activities of the music artists who enjoyed success in the 1980s. The site attracts around a million hits every month and runs a email newsletter which reaches over 15,000 people every week. The site carries the latest news from artists across all genres as well as interviews, tour dates, competitions, new releases and reviews. is also extensively used and credited as a trusted news-source by journalists, radio and TV researchers and online media around the world. In 2004 the site was approached by the international music TV channel VH-1 to help fill US and UK venues with fans of the artists featured in their popular 'Bands Reunited' series, achieved usually with only 48-hours notice. This year was the exclusive online sponsor for Tony Hadley & ABC's recent 62-date tour of the UK. and the This Is Not Retro label are the creation of Richard Evans, a former London Records (International Promotions Manager then UK Product Manager) and MTV Europe (Senior Manager of Talent & Music) executive who has run creative direct-marketing consultancy The Fan Base Marketing Co. since 1998, conceiving and executing campaigns and providing a range of related services for a range of artists and labels including Robbie Williams, Coldplay, Feeder, Skunk Anansie, Duran Duran and Ozzy Osbourne. CONTACT Richard Evans email

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